Tartans News · TARTAN NATION! GHS Needs Your HELP!!

After spending thousands for dollars to Laser-Scalp the football/track/soccer field.

We have someone vandalizing the field!

By doing the  Laser-Scalping we were able to cut down the high spots and fill in the low spots.  As well as applying fertilizer and grass seed to the field.   Extra money was spent to “fence off” the field to allow for the field to get a break from foot traffic and allow for the grass to grow.  Someone knocked down the fencing, not once, but TWICE.

And now someone decided to do donuts on the field.  The money was spent to make the field safer for students to practice and play on.  Having ruts in the field from tire tracks will not be safe for these same students.

Any and ALL tips (anonymous or not) would be greatly appreciated!

Messages can be left at (626) 963-5731 ext 5557

Thank you in advance for your help!