Multiple Teams · Football Discount Card

Hi Raizzz app users,
Apple recently updated IOS to version 13, introducing improvements that make your iPhone that much better. Unfortunately, this update is causing people to be logged out of the Raizzz app.
If you’ve kept your activation card, you might think “No problem, I’ll just log back in and go use my discounts!”  Well, as you may have already found out, that doesn’t work!  Here’s Why:
In order to protect the integrity of the fundraiser that you supported when you bought your activation card, we made it impossible to log back in using the info on the card. Instead, if you logged out, you had to contact us so that we could generate new codes for you to use. So, if you are an iPhone user and were logged out of your app, you will need new codes.  Just reach out to and she will help you with that.
More importantly, we are pushing an update of our app to the App Store that will allow users to use their old codes if they still have them. That should save many of you from having to send an email and let you get back to enjoying your discounts without further hassle.
The log in screen will also now include a message with our email address so that the users who no longer have their codes will know exactly how and where to contact us.
This update should be pushed to the App Store shortly and should be up and running by the end of the day.
We, and the schools and programs that you support thank you!
The Raizzz Team